Eternal Soldier

The bright angel’s shadow?
What was that vision I saw
Through bruised swollen eyelids
Grasping for air. Shall I lie in awe?

Or was it the stale stenchy death
I smelled everywhere
Nostril caked with blood
Lips silently screaming my despair

I do not know, I do not care.
I’m worn out and I am tired
With a sword, with a gun, on a tank
Fighting wars ever since I was a child.

The earth has lived a thousand lives
Generations pass, coming and going
A million lessons we’ve missed
And war is constant and ever growing

World wars, civil and cold wars
The bible is too small for it all to be scripted
So many tears are shed, nothing left to feed the seas
Human hearts are stones, minds are conflicted

Fatherless child, childless mother
Grief and loss are their companions
Souls torn apart, lives are wasted
Still ‘fresh meat’ is supplied to battalions.

I know no end to war nor where it started
I lie in the dirt in my bulleted body.   Now I know, because I don’t care, worn out and tired.                             It is Death who soon will be having a party.


About Shine

I create poetry as it flows into my heart, through my soul and into a written word. I draw inspiration from nature, people, music and what is there in the present moment. I see the world as profound, vast, fun, colorful, full of love, and with huge range of emotions - I hope it shows in the poems I write.
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